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Every penny matters

Making sure our services deliver value for money is a big priority at Herefordshire Housing, and we constantly benchmark our performance and costs against other housing associations to see where we can make improvements. This ensures we are always competitive, and always developing. We deliver exceptional value for money in a number of key ways:

  • Cost-effective. We use sophisticated reporting and an electronic purchase order system which saves time and money, as well as reducing our use of paper and carbon footprint
  • Relevance. Our services take into account customers’ needs and views, resulting in services they want
  • Responsiveness. We are continually evolving to meet changing needs and operate a round-the-clock service that’s always ready with advice and support
  • Choice. Our wide range of services is constantly evolving to meet the needs of diverse communities
  • Quality and customer satisfaction. We always aim to exceed expectation
  • Opportunity. Our services work individually and collectively to open up new opportunities and potential for our customers.

To make sure we deliver value for money, we have our own Value for Money group which meets regularly, and comprises tenants and Board Members as well as colleagues from across Herefordshire Housing. We also ask for competitive quotes when we buy services for ourselves, and analyse what’s offered with what it costs. We don’t necessarily buy the cheapest. We buy what represents best value for our customers.