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Careline offers you a comprehensive lone worker support monitoring service to provide greater protection and reassurance for employees who work alone – an important priority for all responsible employers.

Operating through our PNC monitoring platform, this service enables lone workers to receive regular check calls through their mobile phone. The system records details of their location and appointment times, and can be programmed to perform check calls as required by the user. The system is flexible, reliable, and easy to use with minimal training. All calls are handled by experienced operators who can mobilise help quickly and efficiently. Full training, technical, and administrative support is supplied within our competitive pricing structure.

Key service features

Keeps your staff safe, fulfilling your responsibilities as an employer
High quality service (TSA accredited), safeguarding your reputation
Easy to use and ready to go with minimal need for training
Highly flexible, so suitable for a wide range of job roles
Simple implementation, minimising time and cost
24-hour cover, for non-stop reassurance
Highly trained & knowledgeable staff, creating a real sense of empathy with user
Comprehensive usage reporting, giving you insights and transparency
Competitive pricing, delivering exceptional value for money

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