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Managed through a state-of-the-art Service Centre, our telecare monitoring service is professional, reliable, and responsive to customer needs. Providing excellent levels of service and support to users, it is focussed on helping them to live independently in their own homes for longer. Our competitive pricing structure ensures that you and your residents receive exceptional value for money, and we have a proven methodology for planning and delivering services that meet our customers’ needs – as well as the needs of their tenants and employees.

All of our operators receive extensive training to ensure that they provide the highest levels of service to your customers. All of our procedures meet TSA requirements and our training programmes ensure that our operatives will make the right decisions and offer the reassurance and customer care that service users demand.

Welfare check calls to vulnerable residents are included as part of our monitoring service, offering additional support to service users. The calls can be used to check on the welfare of residents when scheme managers are absent from sheltered sites (leave/sickness/etc) and when residents are particularly vulnerable – e.g. recently returned from hospital.

The alarm monitoring centre uses Tunstall’s PNC monitoring platform, enabling the service to offer comprehensive interoperability with all alarm types & manufacturers. The alarm monitoring centre has a reciprocal arrangement with another TSA accredited monitoring centre for disaster recovery arrangements, ensuring a seamless service in the unlikely event of system ‘down time’.

Key service features:

  • High quality service (TSA accredited), safeguarding your reputation
  • Latest call handling technology, for reliable and relevant services
  • Highly trained & knowledgeable staff, with experience of providing telecare services
  • Detailed reporting of incidents, helping you monitor and manage the service
  • Disaster recovery capability, supporting you in times of crisis
  • Competitive pricing, delivering exceptional value for money.

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