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A quality assured service, delivering real value for money

The service is a proven, established provider of telecare services. TSA accredited, we are wholly focussed on meeting specific needs, delivering outstanding quality, and exceeding customer expectation.

Value for Money

As a leading provider of telecare, we are able to offer extremely competitive rates, helping you pass on savings to your service users. Furthermore, as an organisation with charitable status our prices are not driven by profits or shareholders.


As market leaders with in-depth experience and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to tailor our services to meet your strategic aims – as well as users’ needs.


We offer a risk sharing partnership with significant investment in people, technology, promotion, training, analysis and evaluation.

Expert installation & maintenance

Our telecare installation & maintenance service offers the very best in on-site technical support for your alarm users – including training, testing, demonstrations and repairs. This TSA accredited service has been operating for over 20 years and provides a fast, responsive and reassuring service. Each maintenance appointment is subject to a customer satisfaction survey and our current performance is returning a 100% rating.

Exceptional support

Members of the team have backgrounds in telephony system maintenance and provision of services to vulnerable and elderly people and offer high standards of customer service.

Performance Reporting

The Telecare Installation & Maintenance service is provided with comprehensive administration support including performance reporting. TSA key performance indicator reports and additional tailored reports are available to ensure that this service meets the high standards demanded by customers & their service users.

Carbon Footprint

 Careline is committed to minimising the carbon footprint of its services and is continually looking for ways we can limit our impact on the environment. We have invested in low emission vehicles and employ mobile working technology to minimise travel.

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