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A professional approach to managed services

If you’re looking for a fully managed service look no further. Our service is fully integrated,  the model below provides a template for delivery, while also allowing for local arrangements to be accommodated.

  • Evaluation & Planning Stage – based on an in-depth understanding of your local requirements
  • Referral – ensuring that there are no barriers in accessing services
  • Service Tailoring – making sure that we provide appropriate equipment & support
  • Equipment Management – facilitating the timely delivery of services
  • Installation – a speedy, professional and responsive service
  • Monitoring – making sure that appropriate support is delivered and sustained
  • Response – helping reduce the need for emergency services
  • Maintenance – planned and responsive services ensure continuity
  • User Evaluation – to make sure our service adapts and is continually relevant
  • Outcomes Analysis – a vital step in evaluating effectiveness in meeting objectives.

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